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You may have seen them at a tailgate or on TV, but chances are you've never seen one like ours!
If you didn't know what that motorized cooler scooter thingy that whizzed by is called, it is known as the Cruzin Cooler (official website). A hybrid between an electric scooter and a drink cooler you can ride on, it is truly the ultimate tailgating cooler. The front half of the Cruzin Cooler is isolated and can still be used to hold your beer... or soda if you prefer. The back half has an electric motor and batteries. For many, the Cruzin Cooler starts out as a novelty to get around tailgate parties and festivals, but soon becomes a viable means of transportation for short distances. And that's how Coolermods got started. We wanted to go faster, further, and offroad!

Coolermods was the first to develop aftermarket parts and modifications for the Cruzin Cooler and is now the largest manufacturer of performance parts for Cruzin Coolers in the world.  Our new 5000 sqft shop in Denver, CO is dedicated to making parts, upgrades, and accessories for Cruzin Coolers.  We are also an authorized Cruzin Cooler® dealer and stock many original replacement parts.
Coolermods is well known among Cruzin Cooler enthusiasts and our now famous "Fatty" kits and Chopper kits are the only way to add big tires to your Cruzin Cooler. Have a look at the difference between a stock Cruzin Cooler and a Coolermods motorized cooler.

Stock Cruzin Cooler vs Coolermods Chopper

The custom built Coolermods Chopper shown above features many of our most popular modifications:



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